Diana Norman

Artist & Mechanical Engineer

Diana lives for art adventures.  She enjoys showing people how to convert ideas into tangible reality. Her playful teaching style strives to take fear out of failure, and converts lessons learned into creative success.

Outside of teaching art and technology, Diana enjoys feeding giraffes by hand, lighting small fires under fellow Toastmasters, and hunting for weird treasures in thrift and antique stores.

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What I Teach

I make things in all genres of arts and crafts. I love to play and explore and figure out how things work. This gives me a chance to recombine vastly different techniques to make lots of different things. Painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, woodworking, 3d printing, digital art, jewelrymaking ... the list goes on. If it's a crafty thing, I've probably tried it, and might even have a special space in my studio for it. I can show you how to use that technique to create the idea you have in your mind's eye.


I'm not just an artist, but also a mechanical engineer. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math become way more powerful with artistic creativity in charge of problem solving. That means coding for arduino to automate things in the house, figuring out how to 3D print to seamlessly replace a part that broke, making a silly computer animation, or even wiring up some LED's to light up your art at night. It's all easy stuff, not scary at all, and the final result feels like magic. Let's make stuff together!


My Teaching Style

Making something look the way you envision takes lots of practice and will involve some casualties. You need to make a commitment, break in your tools, expect to empty your rations, recognize milestones, and push past your comfort zone to reach your goal. Don't be afraid to stumble, or ask for help, or go off in another direction. We are adventurers first, artwork is just a beautiful biproduct.

Anyone can appreciate a snapshot from the top of a mountain, but only the hiker has the memories and experiences of the journey. Art takes time, don't get frustrated and go where the wind takes you. Mistakes aren't forever and are just one small part of the adventure.

Follow me. Experiment, do silly things, accomplish serious growth. The more techniques you learn, the more tools you'll have in your creative toolbox.

Play, explore, create, fail fast, try again and succeed faster. It's all a part of the journey to making great art.

Join me!

Do you have a project in mind, but don't know how to start? Do you want to learn a specific technique or have an idea for a class? Drop me a line, I'd love to work with you.