Scheduled Classes

Nothing on the books right now.


Artistic background

I have been actively crafting for over 30 years. I am a true mixed media artist. I work in basically all non-food crafts.

I'm interested in old and new technologies, combining tools and ideas from other disciplines to create and incorporate into my artwork.

Teaching Experience

I have have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design. I tutored for art and design classes since my first semester and for 7 more years. I have a second Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I have also worked as a private art, physics, math and computer instructor.

I am very capable of breaking down information in different ways to suit each student, and very patient, kind and enthusiastic. I find that staying positive and encouraging makes the learning experience fun and makes the student feel proud about their progress. It's not about comparing your work to anyone else's, it's about enjoying the process of learning and doing better than when you first came in.

Art À La Carte Menu

I apologize for the lack of photographs. I grew up before cameras lived in our pockets. I'll work on it.

Drawing - graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pen and ink, markers

Painting - watercolor, acrylic, alcohol inks, digital painting in Photoshop (examples of my illustrations are on

Printmaking - linoleum carving, gelatin plate printing, screenprinting

Photography - photo and video editing, digital manipulation, learn how to use your DSLR camera

Papercrafting - origami, collage, papercutting, die cutting and embossing, planner/journaling, paper engineering - pop up cards

Knitting - traditional and continental style hand knitting, machine knitting, loom knitting

Crochet - basic and advanced techniques, pattern making, dimensional crochet amigurumi, wire crochet/knitting

Basic Weaving techniques, cord making

Sewing - pattern making, basic construction techniques

Jewelrymaking - beading, bead weaving, chainmaille - chainmaking, wirework and  weaving, hammering and stamping,

Hand lettering - calligraphy, modern hand lettering techniques

Clay and sculpting - creating armatures, concrete decor, plaster

3D Printing - various CAD and software, art pen 3d drawing, construction techniques, laser etching and engraving

Electronics and basic robotics, LEGO robotics, and arduino, simple electrical circuits and LED lights.

I just got a Silhouette Curio machine and I am excited to get started working with cut vinyl and cardstock! To make signs and stencils and more.