Fast Fail, Faster Success

Fast fail is one of my favorite maker concepts. It has been proven that this technique helps you achieve faster successful outcomes. Fast fail is trial by iteration. (That’s just a fancy coding word that means repeat over and over.)

Step 1: Define the problem.

Step 2: Try to solve the problem.

Step 3: Analyze the result. If you solved it you are done. If this try failed, figure out why it didnt work, go back to Step 2 and try again. Repeat until problem is solved.

Trying and failing means we are learning and making progress. A fail is never permanent always gives you the opportunity to try again. Yeah, I know it can get frustrating. But you shouldn’t feel bad if your first try or even your hundreth try doesn’t work out. You are still gaining experience and you will continue to gain exp until you unlock that achievement and level up.

This is essentially the opposite of everthing I learned in high school and college. It wasn’t until my person introduced me to computer programming that this type of trying and failing wasn’t only okay, but necessary.

I would make up these elaborate programs with hundreds of lines of code and a single mistake like a missing parenthesis or missing semicolon would make my program not work and spit a couple million lines of angry red marks.

I have struggled with perfectionism basically forever. I had enormous problems with anxiety and had panic attacks based on possibly making any tiny mistake. I forced myself to spend hours upon hours studying, practicing, and worrying because I never wanted to tarnish this outward appearance of a put-together know-it-all that was going to escape from Amish Country PA and become someone extremely knowledgable, successful and probably rich and famous. Having Tiger Parents setting high goals for me didn’t help either.

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