Gelatin prints and messy hands

Happy mess

Yay! Home away from home, made a real mess and feel so much better. I used my gelatin plate for some watercolor and also acrylic prints. I stained it and probably permanently infected it since it was watercolor glitter ink… it is stained sparkly and fabulous now.

To make your own gelatin plate, you need:

  • 1 6oz bottle of glycerin
  • 5 packets of unflavored knox gelatine (yes I know it comes in a box of 4 packets, annoying!)
  • 6 oz water
  • 2 cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree use any container you like. This is larger than the standard letter size sheet of paper which is a nice size. One sheet is for the cover.

I emptied the bottle of glycerin into a bowl with the water and warmed it in the microwave. Then I mixed the gelatin envelopes one at a time into the warm water mixture. Stir until all lumps and powder go away. Microwave as needed to help melt mixture together and get it ready for the final pour.

Pour mix into 1 cookie tray. Remove all bubbles from the surface. I used a small scrap of paper dragged over the surface to get the bubbles to the edge.Leave on counter to firm. You are done!

Once firm, you can use the gelatin plate for printing. If the plate ends up with surface bubbles that you hate, cut it up and remelt it in the microwave and pour again. You also have the option to remove the gelatin plate and used the bottom surface for printing. But, I like to leave mine attached. It won’t go moldy or go bad. If the surface deteriorates just cut it up and remelt it.

It is biodegradable and made with food quality ingredients, just don’t eat it after printing art. Don’t put this mixture down the drain. Safe to discard in normal garbage.

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