Get Started Making Digital Art For Less Than $50

Digital Tablet and Pen

If at all possible, spend more, because you get what you pay for. But if you want to get started drawing on a screen right now and have 50 bucks, let's get you hooked up.

Pictured above is my Amazon Fire Tablet from around 2015, original cost $35. The pen next to it is called a disc stylus, the capacitive tip is clear and about the size of your fingertip to work with older screens, original cost $12. The app that's being used is called ArtFlow and it is free from the Amazon app store.  This app uses layers, and has a smudge tool, perfect for making my kind of monsters. That's $47.

The build below is $49. I use my fire tablet as my streaming device, which leaves my laptop and phone free to do laptop and phone things.



It's also a lightweight and cheap digital drawing solution when you are traveling or doing anything that you don't want to risk harming, losing, or damaging your super expensive digital art set up.

There are newer better fire tablets with more memory and better resolution for not too much more. Here's one that is HD. That's what I would get if I didn't already have one. Oh yeah, and since it's a Kindle, you can read books and magazines, borrow media from the library, and use it as a digital photo reference when you are doing traditional art.

I will have some beginning digital art classes coming up with this set up. I will teach how I adjust the settings and how I make my monsters.

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