Groceries For Your Creativity

Art supplies are consumables, like food. Think of them as groceries for your creativity. Sketchbooks are going to get used up. Every page is not going to be a winner and that's OK. Fingers are going to cramp. But with practice, perfect circles and straight lines become effortless. Pencils will be sharpened down to nubs and erasers worn away to nothing. Paint pots will be scraped to the very bottom. These are all tangible souvenirs of our creative experience and hours of dedication and practice.

When you're starting out, work with what you have. Don't obsess over buying the best or the most expensive art materials. Because that creates a mental barrier telling you that these supplies are too precious to even use. Art supplies are only wasted on a shelf, they will sit there like the stuff in the back of the fridge and silently expire.

Empties and nubs mean you've been working hard and earned an opportunity to upgrade. Better quality food, for better quality creations, being used by a better practiced hand. You will now have a good idea of how much each creation eats, which isn't very much at all. And you can upgrade to a new level of supply that isn't too precious to use and carry on with your artistic journey.

Mistakes and ugly outcomes are just part of the adventure. The learning opportunities they provide are sometimes more valuable than that idea we were going for in the first place. Try, fast fail, change strategies, try again and again until you achieve success.

What do you think? Do you have supplies expiring on the shelf? Are you motivated to create something new? Tell me all about it.

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