Why You Should Invest in Digital Art Superpowers


Digital art is life changing. There are so many things you can do on the computer or tablet that aren’t possible on paper. You can try a technique and if you mess up, you can turn that layer off and it’s like returning to your last save spot! (FastFail, FastSuccess Achievement unlocked! Hours of effort saved! +99 to Godly Editing Powers).

Unlike traditional art techniques, where when you erase something then it’s gone forever, with digital art you have unlimited savespots, unlimited undos, and unlimited lives.

 You have the ability to turn layers on and off. You are God of your own digital universe. You have ultimate control. Your peasants can be created and destroyed at your whim. You have the ability to transform them into kings, centaurs, manatees or even zombies. You can make any kind of creature you can imagine. (Check out my Captured Monsters). See, I told you, look at all those superpowers!

When you have your work on the computer you can make funny animated gifs, fancy memes, anything you desire. Want to edit your face onto your favorite character? It’s like digital cosplay! Want to make an octopus with an enormous doll head and 99 Barbie legs?? Want to show a hand crawling out of your eyeball? (+10 to Digital Manipulation Powers)

  • Step 1: Generate ideas inside your mind
  • Step 2: Get the idea mashups on a screen
  • Step 3: ????
  • Step 4: Profit

(If anyone has the secret formula for step 3 let me know.)

Then the possibilities are truly endless. Get your art made into stickers! Slap those things on laptops or on your car or your friend’s car! Get shirts made. Redbubble and Zazzle make it so you can have your images on their marketplace and you get paid when people order something you designed. And what I love about that is the person can be anywhere in the world! Think of one of your tshirts on a kid in China or Australia! What??! Seriously, just super cool, that’s my dream scenario. (Print On Demand Achievement unlocked!) (I’m not counting on it as my real income.  But lots of people use this as their #sidehussle to support their art habits though.) We always want new art supplies or gas money! And you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff or pay money upfront or handle merchandise and deal with shipping. They handle it for you.

  • Step 1: Draw a doodle in class.
  • Step 2: Upload it to your favorite Print on Demand.
  • Step 3: ???
  • Step 4: Profit

Have stickers and T-shirts delivered to your door by the end of the week. Become famous and tag me in social media as the one who awakened you to the world of digital art, and convinced mom, dad, spouse, or dear old grandma to shell out the big bucks for your first art tablet that led you to being hugely successful.

Want to get started for less than $50?

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